Tablets Taking Over TV, Print and Radio Audiences

Tablet PCs are a very exciting development in the technology world. They provide users with an outstanding experience that allows them to search the web easily, play games, organize their schedules, watch movies, read books and more. They are all-inclusive mobile devices that are changing the way we live our lives.

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Bing Becomes the Standard for All Blackberrys

Mobile search is continuing to make a substantial impact in the online world. As more people become dependent on searching the web with their mobile devices, search engines are trying harder to expand their market share of mobile search users. Many experts in the search industry (including our digital marketing firm) speculate that mobile devices could have a huge influence on search engine and web browser popularity.

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FCC Forces Data Roaming For Carriers

In order to provide consumers with the best data coverage for their money, the FCC has enforced regulations that will make service providers AT&T and Verizon enter a data roaming agreement with smaller mobile carriers. This will make it so that mobile subscribers that choose smaller carriers will have access to data services, no matter where they are in the United States.

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Mobile Payments Improve How We Shop

With the growing popularity of smart phones and the increase in security, users feel more confident in mobile shopping. That’s why companies like Starbucks and Google want to create ways to simplify mobile shopping payment processing so that we can more easily adapt it into our everyday lives.

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Android Becomes #1

Developing mobile operating systems has become a very competitive field because the popularity of smartphones that use these systems is increasing with consumers. Smartphones have developed into easy-to-use, affordable and practical tools that people have become dependent on to help …

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