15 Fun Facts About Google

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Google celebrated its 20th anniversary this past week and in honor of the search engine’s birthday, our digital marketing experts thought we’d put together a list of fun facts about Google.

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Going Green: 5 Big Brands Using Renewable Energy

Today, more and more big brands are showing their support for the environment by reducing their energy consumption and investing in solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity projects. In addition, many are taking smaller steps within their companies to cut carbon emissions and create renewable energy goals. Here are five big brands that are investing in cleaner solutions.

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The Rise of Flat Design

If you haven’t already noticed, our digital world is getting a little flat. Recently, Apple released iOS 7—a vastly different and new interface for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Candy-colored gradients, beveled and drop-shadowed objects, and heavy lifelike textures have been replaced with solid colors and more subtle gradations.

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Smart Shelves: A Whole New Way to Market

In just two years, you could be in line at the grocery store and a video ad made just for your demographic could appear right before your eyes. That’s the idea behind “smart shelves” – a new way to reach out to shoppers.

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has the constant responsibility to reinvent itself to deliver the type of functionality that users demand. To accommodate this demand, Microsoft is launching the newest version of its very popular web browser, Internet Explorer. The newest version of this …

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