Why Now Is a Good Time for Local SEO

Some people still think that local SEO is only beneficial to small mom-and-pop businesses and that these businesses need local SEO in order to be found. The truth is, local SEO can benefit businesses of all sizes and as we become more and more connected, we’ll expect to have the best available resources – many times, that means local.

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The Evolution of SEO

Some people claim that search engine optimization is dead, however, anyone in the digital marketing industry knows that it’s not dead – it’s just different. SEO has gone from simple techniques meant to gain traffic to a more advanced medley of engagement, rankings, and leads. The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and as search engines change and the Internet progresses, so do SEO efforts. Here’s a brief history of SEO:

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Google Revamps Places Pages

Google Places is a great place for businesses to connect with local customers. It acts as an online directory that can provide consumers with the contact and location information they need to find any type of business they are looking for in their area.

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Local B2B is Taking Over Online Marketing

Current trends in the online marketing industry reflect the increased popularity of advertising tactics designed to promote local B2C sales transactions. This means that businesses are trying to get customers to their actual physical location.

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Giving Your Site a More Local Appeal

Just because your business depends on its physical locations for a descent portion of its sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into developing online marketing tactics to try to capture your market share. You can still generate sales leads in …

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Client Spotlight

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