The New Features of Mountain Lion

Get ready, avid Apple fans. This month the tech company plans to release its next Operating System: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. With it will be up to 200 new features – everything from notes to app controls – and …

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Google Instant Pages

Google Chrome users can now take advantage of a new feature that will help them search much faster. Google has launched a new tool, called Instant Pages, which is expected to improve the way search results are loaded for users. It’s a fast-moving piece of technology that uses prediction based programs to customize and improve the search experience for Google users.

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Opera Looking to Expand User Base

The competition between web browsers to attract users is one of the most exciting arms races you could ever observe. Every day, different browsers are designing new types of technology and implementing different functions to make their web exploring experience more enjoyable than their competitors.

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Chrome’s Page Speed Tool

At our digital marketing agency, we know better than anyone that load time can really hinder the experience you present to your users through your website. If your site takes an extended period of time to load, you could lose the attention of your visitors.

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Google Chrome’s Interface

Security and usability are usually the most prominent priorities when users choose their preferred web browser. They (along with our Internet marketing firm members) want a browser they can trust that delivers an enjoyable experience and encourages them to actively …

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has the constant responsibility to reinvent itself to deliver the type of functionality that users demand. To accommodate this demand, Microsoft is launching the newest version of its very popular web browser, Internet Explorer. The newest version of this …

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Client Spotlight

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