FTC Might Ban User Tracking

Analytics has been something of a blessing for website developers and search engine optimization companies all over the world. Programs that allow you to track your visitor activity have given businesses the ability to fortify their online marketing efforts by …

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New Google Analytics Dashboard Features

Understanding Google’s analytics program and using it to your business’ advantage is crucial if you want to increase your sales and online presence.  Google Analytics can give you the opportunity to have a lot of useful information at your fingertips, …

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Google Adwords Search Funnels

Google’s dedication to refining their products for their users is uncanny. Every day in the Google labs, the most qualified engineers are brainstorming ways to keep their beloved search engine at the top of the list of contention. To be …

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Will Google’s Tracking Blocker Affect Google Analytics

Google recently has announced that they are going to contribute to protecting online users’ privacy by providing a global browser based plug-in that will allow users to opt out of being tracked by their Google Analytics software.his will not only benefit users who are concerned about their private information, it will also help Google, because the search engine is always defending itself against accusations from privacy watchdogs that they are sharing information with other companies.

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Google Caffeine

Google’s new reformation is expected to make a large impression on the search world by promising users search results that are more relevant and much faster. If Google Caffeine delivers the type of results Google has predicted, they will have no problem keeping their number one position as the most popular search engine on the web.

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Paid Search Tracking: Stay Ahead of the Competition

When your business has a Pay-Per-Click campaign, it can be pretty common to think “Are my competitors gaining access to my website via our sponsored advertisements?” Programs like Google Analytics can not only help you find out whether or not your competitors are clicking on your sponsored ads, but they can help determine which specific ads your competitors are clicking on.

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