The Correlation Between Web Browsers and Search Engine Loyalty

It seems as though the browser that users choose will also have an impact on the search engine that they use, too. So in that case, search engines that want to increase their number of loyal users should improve the functionality of their web browser (if they offer one). If they don’t, however, there’s still a pattern that exists that can make users loyal to a specific search engine…

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Google’s New Monthly Adwords Budget

Google Adwords continues to be a very effective way of advertising your business online. To make managing a Google Adwords campaign easier, Google has launched a new program that will automatically set limits to your campaign, so that you can …

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Google Adwords Search Funnels

Google’s dedication to refining their products for their users is uncanny. Every day in the Google labs, the most qualified engineers are brainstorming ways to keep their beloved search engine at the top of the list of contention. To be …

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