Google +1 Analytics

Google’s +1 feature is becoming more widely accepted in the online world. Recently, Google announced that they are going to make the +1 button available for not only listings featured on their search results, but they are also going to make it available for entire sites. This will allow users to put their personal approval on a site, for all of the members of their social network to see.

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Giving Your Site the +1

Customer referrals can be the most effective way to attract new business. When your existing customers talk to their friends and family about your business and personally vouch for the quality of your products and services, chances are, you are going to receive a lot of business.

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Google +1

Google +1 is part of the groundbreaking developments that Google is implementing into their natural search listings to provide users with a completely custom experience. Similar to the Facebook “Like” feature, Google +1 allows users to designate articles, items, sites and other elements of the web as their favored choices.

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Client Spotlight

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