Firefox 4 Receives 9 Million Downloads in One Day

Firefox has only been available for a little over seven years, but it has quickly become a fan favorite amongst online users (including some of our Internet marketing firm experts). Through its time spent serving the users of the internet world, Firefox has grown to be one of the biggest names in web browsers. It has provided people with world-class functionality, ease of use and an overall enjoyable web experience.

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Opera Looking to Expand User Base

The competition between web browsers to attract users is one of the most exciting arms races you could ever observe. Every day, different browsers are designing new types of technology and implementing different functions to make their web exploring experience more enjoyable than their competitors.

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has the constant responsibility to reinvent itself to deliver the type of functionality that users demand. To accommodate this demand, Microsoft is launching the newest version of its very popular web browser, Internet Explorer. The newest version of this …

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Firefox Could Be Partially Responsible for Google’s Popularity

There could potentially be a significant shift in search engine popularity in 2011. That is when the contract expires between Mozilla’s Firefox and the search engine juggernaut, Google. This contract originally required the Firefox browser to set Google as its default home page. After this contract expires, if Google doesn’t renew it, the position of Mozilla’s default home page could belong to the highest bidder.

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