Battle Internet: Yahoo vs. Facebook

There’s a patent war looming among us, people. According to a recent Reuters article, Yahoo is claiming that parts of Facebook’s operation are already patented under the search engine’s name. Yahoo is claiming that some of the technologies that Facebook …

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Facebook’s Video Chat

Facebook has brought the way that we use technology to communicate to a new level. It has given people the opportunity to stay in touch with other people, regardless of geographic location. As this social media site continues to evolve, its features become more and more advanced, which gives users the ability to connect in newer, more exciting ways.

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200 Million Tweets a Day

Social media is a very popular trend that is changing the way we communicate. More and more people are using social media accounts to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and express themselves in a technologically-developed way.

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Facebook Commerce

Merging your sales and social media efforts can help your business increase its profitability. When you give your customers the opportunity to purchase your products through your Facebook site, you are improving their availability and simplifying the purchase process.

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Blekko Turns Focus to Facebook

A lot of major search engines are starting to include a social search initiative that incorporates a user’s social network activity to garner customized search results. These results are in no way being contrived to replace standard search results; they are more or less being presented to users to assist them with their search by providing them with information that has been tailored according to preferences of the people that they know.

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