Make the Most of Black Friday

Well Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is well on its way, bringing Black Friday with it. If you could use some extra exposure and some extra business, you may want to take advantage of this chaotic day of sales. Here are some things our Philadelphia web design company recommends.

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Content Strategies: What Businesses Are Doing

We recently came across a Marketing Land article that shed some interesting light on content marketing among business-to-consumer marketers. Content marketing is one of the most popular strategies among businesses – it’s what draws in new people; what drives home a selling point; what turns visitors into customers.

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How Social Media Affects Your Reputation

Any good business owner knows that having a presence on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as part of a digital marketing strategy is necessary in order to build connections, but what they should also know is that these presences can affect their business’s reputation. Here’s how.

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Brand Battles: Target vs. Walmart

The battle between Target and Walmart has been going on for years. While each attracts a certain type of shopper, both promise convenience and low prices. We compared some of the main elements that make up these two stores, including their background, audience, product offerings, and marketing efforts.

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Got a Minute? Do Some Quick Marketing

It’s always good to have a solid, long-term marketing strategy in place, but there’s always time for quick marketing. These 10 marketing tactics only take a few minutes and can help you increase your exposure, engagement, and reputation.

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How to Use Social Media Hashtags

These days, it seems that no matter what social media network you use, you’re exposed to the art of hashtags. Hashtags, as you probably know, are “pound signs” and look like this: #. They are used as a prefix in front of a word, topic, or event, and while they’re all used in social media for basically the same reason, the etiquette varies by the network.

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Client Spotlight

Check out some of the work we've done to help these clients succeed: