Mobile Payments Improve How We Shop

With the growing popularity of smart phones and the increase in security, users feel more confident in mobile shopping. That’s why companies like Starbucks and Google want to create ways to simplify mobile shopping payment processing so that we can more easily adapt it into our everyday lives.

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The Perks of Offering Online-Only Coupons

Promotional pricing for your products or services doesn’t only benefit your potential prospects, it can also benefit the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, if you use it properly. Our Internet marketing firm knows that special promotions, like coupons, can give …

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Advertising with QR Codes

Innovation is the key to a successful marketing campaign. When you find “out-of-the-box” ways to engage your potential prospects, they are going to respond to your marketing efforts in a positive way. If you want your business to continually increase …

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Cyber Monday Sales Reach an All-Time High

Cyber Monday has become the most notable day of the year for E-commerce distributors in a variety of markets. The Monday after Black Friday is when online retailers try to boost their sales by offering shoppers the best prices of …

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Paid Search Spend Increases for Black Friday

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers in a variety of industries are increasing the budgets on their paid search management for terms that are relevant to their products. This trend is a result of the expected potential for sales …

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