Android Becomes #1

Developing mobile operating systems has become a very competitive field because the popularity of smartphones that use these systems is increasing with consumers. Smartphones have developed into easy-to-use, affordable and practical tools that people have become dependent on to help …

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Twitter’s International Expansion

Predominantly, the social media website Twitter has been a phenomenon that has made its impact on popular culture in the United States. But recently, an online researching firm named comScore has discovered that Twitter is quickly expanding its services internationally.

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Social Media Advertising: Know Your Audience

As it continues to grow as one of the most noticeable presences on the internet, social media is also presenting itself as a prime candidate for online advertising opportunities for businesses. Giving your business the opportunity to reach over 5 billion consumers worldwide by advertising on social media forums like Twitter and Facebook could expand the potential of your business over night.

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2009’s Online Spending Reaches $39 Billion

Online retailers in 2008 completed $38 billion in sales, but according to a study completed by comScore, a marketing research company that focuses on online sales, in 2009, online retailers were able to complete transactions that added up to $39 billion in the fourth quarter of the year.

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