A Staggering Giant: Yahoo’s Decline

As it continues to downgrade its operations, Yahoo struggles to stay alive in the search industry. The once great search giant has been closing offices worldwide, conducting layoffs and closing down some of its side projects, like Geocities, Zimbra and Del.icio.us.

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Blekko Turns Focus to Facebook

A lot of major search engines are starting to include a social search initiative that incorporates a user’s social network activity to garner customized search results. These results are in no way being contrived to replace standard search results; they are more or less being presented to users to assist them with their search by providing them with information that has been tailored according to preferences of the people that they know.

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Blekko is Picking Up Steam

The search industry has a very distinct pecking order. The big names in search like Google, Yahoo and Bing have already established a very strong presence that makes it hard for “start-up” search engines to really get the user base they …

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