Blekko is Picking Up Steam

The search industry has a very distinct pecking order. The big names in search like Google, Yahoo and Bing have already established a very strong presence that makes it hard for “start-up” search engines to really get the user base they …

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Paid Search Spend Increases in 2010

2010 was an exciting time for online marketing. A lot of businesses initiated a variety of online marketing tactics, in hopes of enduring the economic recession. Targeting their industry’s online market share became a more relevant necessity, as businesses really …

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Yahoo/Bing Ad Transition Deadline

Businesses that depend on Yahoo Search Marketing for their paid search management campaign should be aware that the deadline for transitioning their ad accounts to Bing’s Microsoft adCenter is coming up very soon. With Yahoo and Bing synergizing their services, …

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Bing’s Paid Search Activity on the Rise

Microsoft’s search engine,, has recently seen an increase in the amount of activity that they receive through their paid search management program. The overall market for paid search has increased by 5.8% year-over-year in the third quarter, as the …

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Facebook and Bing Join Forces

Bing continues to gain allies to help it with its monumental task of trying to become the most popular search engine used on the web. This time, Microsoft execs unified Bing with one of the biggest names on the web …

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Firefox Could Be Partially Responsible for Google’s Popularity

There could potentially be a significant shift in search engine popularity in 2011. That is when the contract expires between Mozilla’s Firefox and the search engine juggernaut, Google. This contract originally required the Firefox browser to set Google as its default home page. After this contract expires, if Google doesn’t renew it, the position of Mozilla’s default home page could belong to the highest bidder.

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