Bing’s New Shopping Search

At our digital marketing firm, we know that Bing is constantly evolving in order to attract new users and sway the search engine popularity paradigm. Recently, Bing announced that it will be improving its online shopping functionality by adding a few new features, which will simplify the shopping experience for its users.

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The Correlation Between Web Browsers and Search Engine Loyalty

It seems as though the browser that users choose will also have an impact on the search engine that they use, too. So in that case, search engines that want to increase their number of loyal users should improve the functionality of their web browser (if they offer one). If they don’t, however, there’s still a pattern that exists that can make users loyal to a specific search engine…

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Bing Becomes the Standard for All Blackberrys

Mobile search is continuing to make a substantial impact in the online world. As more people become dependent on searching the web with their mobile devices, search engines are trying harder to expand their market share of mobile search users. Many experts in the search industry (including our digital marketing firm) speculate that mobile devices could have a huge influence on search engine and web browser popularity.

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Bing Improves Integration of Twitter

The power behind social media consulting has made it a driving force in the online world. People’s interest in being able to express themselves online and connect with other users has made social media one of the most influential elements that exists on the web today. Its popularity has changed the way we communicate and changed the way we use the internet.

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Increase Local Sales with Groupon and LivingSocial

At our digital marketing firm, we know advertising online to your local market can be trickier than it sounds. Of course there are a lot of local specific directories available, like Google Local, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local, but they take a traditional approach to presenting your business to local customers.

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Bing Gains Ground in 2011

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is on the steady path to becoming the online world’s “Little Engine that Could”. Reporting increasing numbers for search shares for the last six months, Bing has again notified the search world that in February of 2011, the amount of online users that utilized Bing for searching the web has increased by a half percent.

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