All Work and No Play?

Are you a workaholic? Do you find yourself answering business calls or emails outside of the office? Have you forgotten what life was like without your smartphone? Join the majority of Americans who find it impossible to leave their work at …

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FCC Forces Data Roaming For Carriers

In order to provide consumers with the best data coverage for their money, the FCC has enforced regulations that will make service providers AT&T and Verizon enter a data roaming agreement with smaller mobile carriers. This will make it so that mobile subscribers that choose smaller carriers will have access to data services, no matter where they are in the United States.

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Small Business Capitalizing on Facebook

Small businesses are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness. Technology has been majorly responsible for giving small businesses a chance to level the playing field with their more established counterparts.

Read on, The Latest in “Word-of-Mouth” Advertising

“Word of Mouth” exposure has since evolved from simply sharing a positive experience with a business with your friends that live nearby or a neighbor. With the advent of social media, consumers can share their satisfaction with products and services on a much larger level. They no longer have to be within an earshot of people they want to share their experiences with.

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Will Smartphones Have an Impact on Search Engine Popularity?

The increase of the popularity of Smartphones definitely has a major influence on the development of search engine popularity. It’s no secret that Google has a strong hold on search engine popularity, but as Smartphones become a more common choice for online users, will Google’s search esteem remain intact or will the search engine market become a little more competitive?

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