Amazon’s Effect on the Retail World

For years, consumers would head to a brick-and-mortar store to buy their clothing, groceries, electronics, and more. But as the age of online shopping slowly crept in, the idea of leaving your home to buy your goods slowly crept out. Now, there’s one major online retailer that people turn to for nearly anything they need – Amazon.

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A Brief History of Digital Marketing

When the Internet was first introduced, it wasn’t meant for advertising – it was a way to exchange emails and information. But it didn’t take long for marketers to see why such a tool could help them grow their businesses. Here are some events that kicked it off.

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Google Is Planning a Drone Delivery Service

It looks like Amazon isn’t the only one with plans for a drone delivery. About a year ago, Google’s secret research lab, Google X, introduced its plans for a drone delivery system called Project Wing. Now, there’s a estimated launch date to look forward to.

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Bing’s New Shopping Search

At our digital marketing firm, we know that Bing is constantly evolving in order to attract new users and sway the search engine popularity paradigm. Recently, Bing announced that it will be improving its online shopping functionality by adding a few new features, which will simplify the shopping experience for its users.

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Online Shoppers are Researching Products

Consumers are doing research to find out the quality of products before they purchase them, how other consumers reviewed products they are thinking about purchasing and where they can get the best prices for products they are interested in.

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2009’s Online Spending Reaches $39 Billion

Online retailers in 2008 completed $38 billion in sales, but according to a study completed by comScore, a marketing research company that focuses on online sales, in 2009, online retailers were able to complete transactions that added up to $39 billion in the fourth quarter of the year.

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