YouTube’s Next New Network

YouTube LogoRecently, YouTube announced that it will be purchasing one of the largest social video networks, Next New Network. This is a popular forum that allows video creators to connect with larger networks and attract more subscribers. Ultimately it allows content to be spread through their site quicker, because it is being viewed by an accelerated rate of viewers that are actively seeking new and original content. It was designed to capitalize on a market of users that are genuinely passionate about watching videos online by giving them a place to go to see the most cutting edge video content created on the web.

About Next New Network

Next New Network started in 2007 and since its establishment, it has been able to generate a network of over 6 million subscribers in their partner network. That is over 6 million viewers that are enthusiastically searching through their available content, accumulating over 2 billion views. To be able to harness this type of power and use it to your business’ advantage could mean the difference between a moderately effective video advertising campaign and an exceptionally successful video movement that takes your business to the next level. These are viewers that have prequalified themselves as people who consume a lot of video content. Connecting with them could bring your business the video marketing success that it has been looking for.

Creative Marketing

You could easily set up an account and become a member of the Next New Network, but the catch is, you have to think of more captivating ways of marketing your business (which our Internet marketing firm can help with). These types of viewers aren’t going to respond to a standard video marketing piece. Your marketing team will have to develop ways to entertain your viewers, while subtly delivering your business’ sales pitch. Infuse comedy, suspense or drama into your video marketing campaign and really encapsulate your viewer. Command their attention. Implement out of the box marketing techniques to generate excitement throughout the Next New Network’s users. Next New Network viewers tend to be more sociable about the content that they enjoy as well. This means that if you take the time to craft videos that generate user excitement, the chances of your message spreading through a network of dedicated viewers could increase substantially.

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