Youtube Presents “Skipable Ads”

YouTube LogoYouTube is offering a more respectable alternative to “force feeding” their users’ sponsored advertisements by giving them the ability to skip specially selected ads while viewing videos. Most marketing specialists will agree that this isn’t the best practice for YouTube, because viewers will more than likely try to skip any advertisements that would appear before certain videos, but this might be the way to filter in more pre-qualified traffic to the websites of businesses that are advertising on the popular video sharing forum. These types of visitors are more likely to research information about the business that created the advertisement and are more likely to purchase their products or services.

This will also benefit businesses because users will be given a choice to view 3 different advertisements from 3 different businesses. If the user opts to skip all of them, none of the businesses will be charged for the ad. This will help businesses be more competitive and be more conservative with their marketing budgets. They won’t be forced to spend their sponsored advertising budget showing viewers who have no interest in their products or services their ads.

If you make every viewer watch your advertisements, there is no concrete way to get this type of clarity for your advertising efforts. When you increase the amount of users that watch your video by making it mandatory, you are going to also increase the bounce rate of your site, because more users that aren’t interested in your business are going to click your ad accidently and quickly return to their point of origin, making your business the furthest thing from their minds. Also, forcing users to watch your videos is a good way to get them to resent your branding efforts. They might become tired of seeing your ads, which will give them negative feelings about your business. This could potentially deter prospects.

Re-defining Your Advertising Budget

YouTube offering your business the opportunity to be more selective with your sponsored advertising budget might not seem like a good idea, because you are limiting the amount of users that are going to see your advertisements, but the truth is, this could be the only way to really preserve your marketing efforts to be used on attracting visitors that have a higher probability of converting to customers. Your marketing efforts see more results with less exposure if they are viewed by the right type of clientele. Precision advertising will beat trying to convert the masses in the business world, any day.

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