YouTube Extends Upload Length

YouTube LogoMillions of people actively search through YouTube’s vast amount of content every single day. Whether they are looking to laugh, looking for instruction or looking for something to entertain them, this video uploading site has become one of the most distinguished medias on the internet today. It has not only changed the way we use the Internet to communicate, it has changed the way we express ourselves and has opened a world of possibilities for anyone who is looking to connect with other users on the web.

Advertising Videos

But this type of media has also broadened the horizons for many businesses that upload videos as a form of advertising. Not only can businesses simply upload their video ads to the general pool of content on YouTube, they can also embed code into their own website that lets them put their video in its design as an informative decoration. This has expanded the abilities of businesses everywhere to clearly communicate with visitors that enter their site. Now they can plainly explain to their potential prospects the most redeeming qualities about their products or services, without fear of anything being lost in translation.

YouTube has made a dramatic change to its service offerings in order to accommodate anyone who uploads content. Now YouTube users have 15 minutes of upload space for each video, instead of the once standard 10 minutes. This means that businesses will have an additional 5 minutes to inform customers about the quality of their products or services. Properly utilizing this additional time could mean more potential conversions and increased sales, because your customers will have the information they need to purchase your products or services confidently.

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