YouTube Accumulates 8.4 Billion Streams

YouTube LogoYouTube continues to be a driving influence on our society today. It seems like no matter where you go nowadays, you will always hear people talking about the newest viral videos on YouTube. This site changes the way we view media because it can connect you with information presented to you via streaming videos within a few seconds. YouTube puts millions of videos at your fingertips. All you have to do is complete a simple search query and YouTube will generate page after page of relevant content that will keep you educated and entertained for hours.

YouTube’s popularity has increased so substantially, that it was able to accumulate 8.4 billion streams in January of 2011. No other video streaming site could come close to matching that amount of streams. In fact, Hulu had the second most amounts of streams with 813 million. This is according to a report that was published by Nielsen, who was not only interested in how many streams YouTube had received last month, they also wanted to know the amount of time users spent streaming video. According to their study, YouTube’s viewer activity increased, as viewers downloaded 28% more videos from January last year. The amount of time that viewers spent actually watching videos had also increased by 45%.

What this means for businesses is that advertising space on YouTube is going to become more valuable, because people are spending more time watching videos on the site and consuming content. It could be very beneficial to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that could be the result of taking part in their sponsored advertising campaigns.

You could increase the exposure of your business by capitalizing on the ever-growing popularity of YouTube. Contact our social media consulting specialists today.

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