Yelp Offers New “Check-In” Offers

Yelp LogoLocation applications for mobile internet devices are very popular with a lot of people. The ability to “Check-In” their specific location and alert others of where they are seems to be the new craze in social media.

Advertising through location based applications, at one point, was a pretty abstract concept. A lot of businesses scrambled to find a way to have this type of social media tool work in their favor, because they realized that capitalizing on the resource that is existing customers’ social media networks is a very easy way to generate exposure. However, designing a useful and effective check-in marketing strategy was a pretty daunting task because it required a lot of time and effort to monitor each location based application that was available to users. That was until Yelp, the popular local business consumer review forum, launched an application that is expected to simplify the concept of check-in marketing with their new feature that allows you to launch check-in promotions that can help you monitor the success of your efforts.

Yelp’s new feature allows businesses to set up specialized promotions that are only available when users check-in to a location. It offers three types of promotions:

1. Discounted prices

2. Fixed prices on certain products

3. Free items.

It even allows you to select the amount of times a user has to check-in to your location to receive the promotion. If you customize a promotion that is only available through your check-in marketing efforts, you will be able to keep track of how many customers are checking-in to your location.

Location Application Marketing

This breakthrough is sure to make an impact on how businesses market themselves on location applications. It could make creating these types of tactics a much more feasible process for businesses. Hopefully, other big location based application programs like Foursquare or Gowalla will follow suit and give businesses an opportunity to turn their application into a means of marketing for businesses.

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