Yahoo Mail’s Beta Version

Yahoo LogoWith the help of social media consulting, social media is quickly becoming a more recognizable influence in our everyday lives. It is completely changing how we communicate, how we spend our time and what we share about our lives. It can connect us with so much information, enrich our lifestyles, reconnect us with the social world and help us to be smarter consumers. It is quickly becoming harder and harder to find somebody whose life has not been in some way changed by the rise in social media. It is becoming a part of how we see things every day and how we live our lives. Yahoo is taking the immense impact social media is making on pop-culture into consideration and incorporating it into the beta version of their mail service. This is an attempt to make their services more accommodating, so that they can provide users with a more enjoyable experience.

What’s Included?

The beta version of Yahoo Mail is expected to include a social media dashboard that will allow users to be able to update their statuses, tweet and see other people in their social network’s tweets and statuses without having to leave their Yahoo inbox. They will also be able to see photos and videos that people in their social network have posted to Youtube, Flickr and Picasa, all in their Yahoo inbox. It was designed to provide an overall social network summary for users, so that if they wanted to catch up with their social network and check their email, all they would have to do is log into their Yahoo account.

Also on Yahoo beta’s improvement list is a more refined search feature that will allow users to search their inbox by sender, attachment file name, date or folder location. This will make it much easier for users to find a specific email that they need. Users will be offered a more inclusive instant messaging and texting system and will also get improved 3rd party applications. Better privacy and spam protection is also being added to Yahoo’s regular mail service, so that users can feel confident that they are protected.

Yahoo is hoping a revamped mail service might help them compete with Google’s Gmail and might even help them with their declining search engine popularity problem and their struggling paid search spends. Presenting users with a more enjoyable experience is the best way to reinforce their confidence in your services. This is just one step that Yahoo is going to have to take to maintain their position as one of the most used search engines and mail services on the web.

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