What Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Oreo

Over the last few months, Oreo has really stepped up its social media marketing game and has shown us that with the right resources, a cookie company can be appealing to all ages. Right now, the company has over 151,000 followers on Twitter, 34 million “likes” on Facebook, and over 93,000 followers on Instagram, and they’ve used all three platforms to create a great campaign.

Marketing at the Right Time

If you watched the Super Bowl back in February, you probably remember the power outage that left half the stadium blacked out and delayed the game for about half an hour. Oreo took advantage of the many watchers who were posting about it on social media with a tweet:


In just a few minutes, Oreo’s 15-person social media team was able to create a “blackout” ad that corresponded with the current situation, showing us that being on top of the latest trending topics can definitely have its benefits – the tweet got almost 16,000 retweets.

Pretty awesome, in my opinion.

The “Daily Twist” Campaign

Last year, Oreo turned 100 and in order to celebrate, the company decided to launch its “Daily Twist” campaign: Every day from June 25th to October 2nd (100 days), it launched a different picture of an Oreo cookie that reflected an event going on that day.












Its social media team decided to go live and ask Twitter followers for ideas and votes on which event should be part of the “Daily Twist.” Oreo then posted the picture on Twitter and Facebook and received thousands of “likes” and retweets every day. The campaign not only gave followers something to look forward to every day, but it was interesting and educational – a great combo.

Oreo has continued to post photos that are relative to the day’s events like white, blue, and red creme stars for the 4th of July and a milk bottle and Oreo on top of a red pillow for the recent birth of Prince William and Kate’s son, George.

Continuing the Interest

Once the 100th birthday campaign was over, people were worried that Oreo wouldn’t be able to top the idea. This year, the company turned toward the idea of childlike wonder and created its “Wonderfilled” campaign. It began with two animated commercials that whimsically discussed what would happen if you gave an Oreo to characters like the Big Bad Wolf and a vampire.




As the campaign progressed, Oreo partnered with major singer-songwriters like Kacey Musgraves and Chiddy Bang to create commercials from their points of view.

oreo6So what can we learn from Oreo’s social media marketing? Discuss things that are relevant, promote your brand consistently, use graphics that followers can easily share, and have a voice (in other words, don’t be all stuffy).

What are some other social media marketing techniques that have worked for your business?

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