Using Twitter to Increase Traffic & Revenue

Twitter-BirdWith over 75 million users across the world, Twitter’s web presence has grown significantly. But can this casually sculpted social output become something that actually boosts your visitor traffic and in turn, increases your sales?

Taking Advantage of the Search Function

What makes Twitter such a viable candidate to become a target for your online marketing campaign is its newly redesigned search function. Before, when you would try to search on Twitter, the search results were based on how recently users tweeted. The newest tweets would dominate the most coveted top results spots. This means that if you wanted to maintain your relevance and stay at the top of the list for keywords that you would think users would search for that were pertinent to your business, you would potentially have to tweet constantly about it.

Twitter has since revamped how it search function performs by making it operate more like an actual search engine. Instead of ranking the newest tweets first on its search results pages, it now will display the most significant tweets that link to the most popular topics. Users will be able to see the most credible tweets that can be used more as a resource, according to the keyword they have searched.

This is outstanding news for businesses that are using Twitter as a complement to their online marketing campaign. Twitter can be used to attract new visitors to a business’ website, which could stimulate sales.

It’s Easy

The first step to this technique is setting up a Twitter account for your business. The next step is getting familiar with a website that will allow you to post your URL in a tweet, but will shrink it so that it doesn’t take up your character space (remember: Twitter only allows you to post tweets that are 140 characters long). The most preferred URL shrinking websites are and These sites will allow you to condense your URL so that you can make your tweet more about the message you are trying to deliver, rather than just your link.

The next step to effectively converting your Twitter account into a traffic attracting machine is then tweeting relevant bits of information about your business, your products and your industry. The more tweets you post, the more credible the site will view your account. This will mean Twitter will put your tweets upon more of their search results pages and more people will read your posts and visit your site, via the link you have included. But when you include the link on your tweet, make sure it delivers visitors to either an index page or any other page that will induce conversions.

Why Bother?

The most attractive aspect of this technique is that it is absolutely free. Converting your Twitter account from something that keeps previous customers informed about the developments of your business into a means of attracting new business is a fantastic way to keep your website traffic steady and can even improve your sales. It can be one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal and it won’t cost you a penny.

Twitter can bring additional success to a lot of businesses, if properly utilized. Prager’s social media consulting can help you implement this tactic into your online marketing campaign. Contact us for more information.

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