Using “ShareThis” to Gauge Your Social Media Effectiveness

Social MediaSocial media advertising through social media consulting can be a great opportunity for a business to expand its marketing tactics and generate online success. But measuring the effectiveness of your social media campaign has always been a difficult task. Chances are, you don’t know who’s sharing your information or their responses.


ShareThis is a program that has the potential to monitor 400 million social media users’ behaviors. It can be implemented as a standard share button and it acts as an overall measuring metric for what people are sharing through social media. One of its major features is its Audience Index, which allows you to compare your social media audience with that of 850,000 other websites. This will give you the ability to find out what types of influencers are being drawn to your site and how well you connect with these influencers or with listeners and engaged customers.

Using ShareThis to Your Advantage

With this type of analytics information, you will no longer have to just hope that your social media marketing tactics are working. You’ll have concrete evidence that users are sharing the information you are posting and you’ll know exactly what they are spreading around their social network. This will give you the opportunity to put more emphasis on those bits of information, since they are proving to be effective and may influence conversions. Programs like this will measure the value of shared media through social networks and will give you a better understanding of inbound and outbound social media-influenced traffic.

Each piece of content that you publish can be tracked to see how it makes its way from one social media user to the next. When you can clearly see the type of results your social media consulting campaign has been generating, it is easy to increase your amount of results by putting more focus on the specific content that has already benefited your marketing efforts.

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