Twitter’s Social Media Startup Acquisitions

social media startupsSince its launch in 2006, Twitter has acquired 31 different startup companies to help grow its presence. They range from a company that analyzes spreadsheet data to one that helps businesses monitor their mobile advertisements. Twitter’s main focus, however, has been to expand its social media authority, and it has acquired several different startups in order to do so, including:

Bluefin Labs

When it comes to television shows, Twitter is the place to go to share real time thoughts about what’s going on, so to help analyze its user activity, Twitter bought the startup Bluefin Labs in February of this year. Bluefin Labs creates software that monitors and analyzes users’ comments about television and commercials on social media platforms.


Before Facebook’s Instagram had video, Twitter acquired Vine. The now-popular social startup lets users create short, looping videos to share with their followers. It began as a three-man company in New York and never launched publicly until it was bought by Twitter in October of 2012. Twitter paid $30 million for the company.


In June of this year, Twitter acquired the social search engine company Spindle. The startup uses your social networks, location, and time of day to search for places you might be interested in and want to visit. It was created in Boston in 2010 by three former Microsoft engineers and raised $2.3 million in funding before being bought by Twitter.


After acquiring Bluefin Labs, Twitter grew its television and social media analytics by buying Trendrr, another  company that collects data via social media posts. It was founded in 2009 in New York City by former Sony executives and was bought by Twitter in August of this year.

Lucky Sort

Lucky Sort, a Portland, Oregon company, is known for creating a navigation and visualization engine called TopicWatch. TopicWatch users are able to sort through social media, news, and government data in real time to find specific content. Twitter acquired the company this past May to grow its analysis capabilities.


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