Twitter’s New Features Make It an All Inclusive Advertising Opportunity

Twitter-BirdTwitter is a social media tactic that is one of the quickest ways of to inform people about your business. A lot of businesses included Twitter advertising into their online marketing campaigns because it is simple to use, it spreads information fast and it is free. To get results with this type of operation, all you need is a social network of previous clients and potential prospects, a few carefully written tweets and time. It provides you with the opportunity to keep your name fresh in the minds of anyone who may be interested in your business because you have the ability to post information about developments in your business, sales promotions you are running and new products and services you are offering in real time.

The only problem with advertising on Twitter was that it originally restricted your tweets to 140 characters. Constructing a thorough advertisement with this type of restriction proved to be a difficult task because a lot of people had a hard time trying to fit an entire sales pitch or the details of a promotion into a sentence sized space. This however, is a problem of the past.

The Two-Pane System

Twitter has revamped its time honored format to adhere to a brand new, two-pane system. Twitter users will now be subjected to a lot more information than they were prior to this redesign. The left-hand pane will stay true to Twitters original form of only allowing tweets that are 140 characters long, but as you scroll over the names of the people and businesses that you are following on your timeline, a new pane will open on the right that will include that users tweet history, pictures, videos and even their location. Twitter users can stay more in tune with the people they are following because they will have access to much more than just a simple tweet.

This change in policies means that businesses will have the opportunity to better connect with the people in their social network. Smart businesses will take advantage of the chance to spread information by not only tweeting about their developments, but also including detailed images of their company logos, products and services, which could catch the attention of their followers. They could also include a detailed map of their location or videos on their products and services, which will educate your potential prospects, making them more inclined to turn to your business when they are in need of what you are offering. Twitter’s extended capabilities really fortify its value as a marketing effort that businesses all over the world should focus on if they are interested in creating a strong online presence.

A Better Search

Another way Twitter has fine-tuned its features to better serve businesses is that they now make it easier to distinguish whether you are looking for a business or a person when you use their search function. This eliminates confusing situations for users and gives them the ability to find what they are looking for quicker. Simplifying the search process will also includes adding more filtering options, which will allow users to openly search for specific types of businesses and products.

This improvement is going to increase the potential of a successful Twitter advertising campaign. Properly utilizing the new functions Twitter is offering can increase your business’ sales and website traffic. The social media specialists at Prager can help you get your Twitter campaign on the right track to the results your business deserves. For more information about our social media consulting, contact us.

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