Twitter’s International Expansion

Twitter LogoRecently, an online researching firm named comScore has discovered that Twitter is quickly expanding its services internationally. Twitter overall increased its amount of users 109% between 2009 and 2010 to 93 million. Part of this is attributed to their growth into international markets like Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela. This dramatic increase in unique traffic excludes users that have optimized their social media accounts by using programs like TweetDeck and Hootsuite. This influx could mean substantial results for businesses that are trying to increase their worldwide exposure and become more successful in other countries.

Areas Receiving More Visitors

The comScore analysis showed that Latin America had the largest growth of new users. In 2010, Twitter in Latin America grew to have over 15 million visitors, which was a 305% increase from 2009. Asia Pacific’s increase was equally impressive, climbing to 25.1 million visitors which was a 243% increase from last year and the Middle East recorded an increase of 142% with 5 million visitors. Europe also had a rise in Twitter visitors, boasting a 106% increase to 22.5 million. All over the world, people are joining the social media network to share information with other users. Even in the United States, Twitter traffic increased 22% to 25 million visitors.

Businesses that are looking to generate international exposure should be using Twitter to reach foreign markets. Not only will it put you in contact with people all over the world, this type of online marketing strategy is cost effective, because it is absolutely free. All you have to do is setup an account, have the profile describe some key points about your business and start tweeting.

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