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TwitterLocation-based applications are all the rage on big social media forums. After Facebook announced that it will include a location-based application with its mobile dashboard, a fury of other social services jumped to the conclusion that location applications were going to influence the way we view mobile social media and began to design their own versions of this type of technology.

Part of providing users with information that people in their social networks want to share has evolved into including their exact location at any given time. Twitter has announced that they are going to release an application called Twitter Places which will help locate any of the people you are following. Now, instead of just getting 140 characters of insight from the people you are following on Twitter, you will also be able to see where they were when they created their tweet.

What does this mean for businesses that use social media to fortify their branding efforts? Glad you asked. Twitter is considering allowing businesses to claim their own locations, which means you can regulate what the description of your business is when users designate their location. When a user checks-in, it gets published to the newsfeed of their social media account. This means that everybody in their social network will be able to see where each user is. This could be a very effective way of spreading your business’ name through their social network and could lead to new customers for your business and could increase your sales.

Claiming your location on Twitter Places could be the best way to preserve your branding efforts. You can make sure that when people announce that they are at your location, the name that gets published will correspond with your branding efforts. Having the proper name of your business will eliminate any complications that could result in your potential prospects accidentally going to a different location that might have a similar name to your business’. Claiming your location will also present you with an opportunity to include a description about your business to draw people in to learning more about your business.

Prager’s social media experts can set up your Twitter account so that it capitalizes on Twitter Places. We have extensive experience and can use our social media consulting to improve profitability. Contact us for more information.

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