Twitter Offers Link Shortening

Twitter-BirdEverybody that uses Twitter knows that sometimes having 140 characters just isn’t enough to make a point. Especially when you are a business that is trying to use Twitter to attract potential sales leads. Including a link in your tweets can be a great way to lure potential customers to certain sections of your site, but with only 140 characters available, sometimes a full sized link could potentially take up your entire tweet. This is why link shorteners like and became popular tools that could help businesses that are looking to advertise on Twitter. What these sites do is give users the ability to change full sized URLs into abbreviated ones, which conserves the amount of characters they took up for tweets.

Twitter has now announced that they are going to be including this type of technology with their selection of other features. When you enter a link into your tweet, it will automatically be shortened, so that it doesn’t take up too many characters in your tweet. This gives you the ability to make your tweets more engaging, more informative and more effective. Twitter will also let you know how many characters your shortened URL will use, so you can get a better idea of how much room you have left to craft your message. With the extra space you have leftover; you could try to craft tweets that will retrieve higher click throughs, which might ultimately improve the profitability of your Twitter marketing campaign.

No word yet if Twitter is going to include the analytics programs that are accessible through third party link shorteners, but some type of click through tracking feature is more than likely set on Twitter’s horizon. This will give marketers the information they need to make their links more effective. Once Twitter gets all of these pieces of the puzzle to be operational, this feature might have a good shot at replacing other third party URL shorteners.

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