Social Media and Marketing

Mouse3Inter-linking social media sites could create a dramatic impact with marketing on social media sites as we know it. It has been reported that last week, social media management sites Cliqset and were able to synchronize their user information using a program called Salmon Protocol.

The impressive part about this technology is that it gave users the ability to communicate on two levels of social media, but they only needed an account on one of the sites. The information that users posted on their own pages could be viewed by users in their social network on both sites. If this type of trend catches on and more popular social media sites start to implement this type of technology, our Internet marketing firm thinks it could make marketing your business on social media sites tremendously easier and create a lot more potential exposure for businesses.

How to Reach Social Media Users

If properly utilized, you could reach social media users in a larger quantity because social networks all over the web would expand exponentially. When users create posts that praise the quality of your products or services on one social media site, other users on two different social entities will be able to see it, which will increase the curiosity they have for your business. Your business will be able to maneuver through your loyal customer’s social networks and gain momentum, which will lead to more opportunities for sales.

Imagine having a marketing solution that will give you the ability to reach users on a variety of different social media sites and you would only need one social media account. If social media sites start to synchronize information and allow users to communicate in between forums using the Salmon Protocol, it could greatly improve the effectiveness of social media marketing and could open a whole new world of possibilities for businesses who have constructed social media marketing strategies.

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