The Benefits of Using Your Personal Twitter Account for Business

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At Prager, we try to hammer home the idea that social media is an important part of any business. Having a presence on a network like Twitter can help a company stay connected with current customers and reach out to new ones. But what about your personal account? Should you use it for your business? (For example: If Mark Zuckerberg used “@MarkZuckerger” to keep people updated about Facebook.)

We say sure! There are many benefits to having a personal Twitter account and using it for business. For example:


While a business-based Twitter account can help your company establish a personality, an even better way to do so is through your own account. Customers will be able to see what kind of person you are: what interests you, what you believe in, etc., which will help you get on their good sides (hopefully) and project a positive image for your business.


With a personal Twitter account, you’ll add even more authenticity to your business brand. As people see you making an effort to represent both yourself and your company, they’ll build a trust and start turning to you for the latest company events, advice on what products or services are good for them, new releases, and more.

Personal Connections

People love connecting with important individuals more than connecting with brands. In a Forbes article by Zalmi Duchman, he tells the story of his friend and entrepreneur, Jennifer Irvine. For years, Irvine had Facebook pages for her two brands, but no page for herself. When she finally created a page with her name on it, she got more than 1,400 likes in just two months (in comparison, her long-living brand pages had 2,471 and 1,089 likes); people loved on the fact that Irvine’s brands finally had a face.

A Break from Monotony

If your business’s Twitter account is bland, robotic, or non-engaging, (first of all, let us help), and second of all, a personal account can break that monotony. As a part of your company, you can spice things up a little and make company-related issues more interesting. You can also connect better to other Twitter users and capture people by sharing personal thoughts and stories.


One of the most obvious benefits from having a personal account in addition to a business account is exposure. With twice the number of accounts, you’ll have twice the opportunity to get your business name out there and reach more people. Because the accounts are linked, your personal account could be found during a search for your business, and vice versa.

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