StumbleUpon is the Top Source for Referrals

StumbleUponOne of the main reasons businesses construct social media campaigns is to attract referrals to their websites. Referrals occur when people who visit your business’ social media profile follow a link from it to your actual website. You want to do everything you can to increase your referral rate because people who make their way to your site through your social media profile are more inclined to share your business with the members of their social network. Social media referrals also provide businesses with the opportunity to increase their sales leads, which could improve profitability.

Referrals Through Stumbleupon

According to a study conducted by StatCounter, the social media forum responsible for contributing the most amount of referrals isn’t Facebook, like many of us would automatically assume. In actuality, it’s StumbleUpon accumulated 43% of social media referrals in 2010. This number sounds very impressive, but there is actually more to this statistic than meets the eye.

How Did They Do It?

One of the main ways StumbleUpon was able to generate so many referrals was because it has a very popular URL shortener called URL shorteners became a very popular feature because they have the ability to save users time and space when they are trying to share a link on their social media accounts. They are also great for Twitter, because they can reduce the amount of characters that you use to share a link, which will create the opportunity to make tweets more engaging. has helped StumbleUpon obtain more referrals, because URL shorteners are a feature that can be used exclusively for referrals. Facebook doesn’t offer its users a feature like this.

StumbleUpon vs. Facebook

But just because StumbleUpon is delivering more referrals than Facebook, doesn’t mean that their referrals are more valuable. In fact, StumbleUpon’s referrals tend to be less quality than ones that come from Facebook. They have a higher than average bounce rate and users that come visit sites from StumbleUpon spend less time exploring information and visit less pages on the site as well. The traffic that is being diverted to the sites are overall less qualified and less likely to convert, which means they are less valuable referrals.

In the referrals section of the online marketing world, quality is more important than quantity. Just because you receive high referral rates doesn’t mean that your business is going to become more profitable. Better qualified referrals that are composed of users who are actually interested in your products or services will deliver more substantial results than just a mass amount of referrals that are sent to your site.

To obtain these better qualified referrals, speak with the specialists from Prager. Our social media consulting can help you improve the quality of your referrals.

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