Starting Your Social Media Campaign

Rising ChartImplementing social media tactics can be a start for businesses that haven’t had the marketing resources to implement a thorough online advertising campaign. Social media is great for businesses because it is easy to use and allows you to connect with potential prospects. Using social media for advertising has helped a lot of businesses stay in contact with former customers and helped them maintain their customer base. It also helps attract the attention of new prospects, which can increase sales numbers. The leads that social media bring in have a high return on investment because social media campaigns cost very little to initiate. They provide businesses an opportunity to generate exposure without requiring a large marketing budget.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose a social media forum like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Focus your marketing energy on one social media site, then as you figure out how to properly connect with your social network, expand to other social media forums. For example: to promote your business on Facebook, simply create a page for your business using their automated page creation dashboard. The site is set up to give you step-by-step directions for creating a page that will include all of your important contact information, the location of your business, images of your products, etc.

2. Build your social network.

The easiest way to do this is to encourage your former customers to find you on Facebook and “Like” your page. When they click “Like”, it will automatically appear on their News Feed, which will make it viewable to all of the people in their social network. This could potentially bring in new sales leads for your business. When people see this on their friend’s newsfeed, they will assume that they have had a positive experience doing business with your company.

3. Include a link to your social media profiles on your other advertising tactics.

If you send out a mailer for your business, if you use billboards, or if you have an ad in a telephone directory, put links to your social media profiles on it. Your print marketing efforts can compliment your online marketing efforts and help your business generate a lot of contacts for sales.

Starting a social media campaign can be a very profitable marketing tactic for your business. If implemented properly, it can mean substantial success for your business. Social media consulting at Prager can help you. Contact us today to get started.

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