Social Validation: The Key to Your Blog’s Success

Life-saverEstablishing natural rankings for your social media efforts is a strategy that could deliver impressive results. When you can successfully get search engine spiders to acknowledge your blog, index the information that you have posted, and rank your efforts according to keyword relevance, your site’s credibility and traffic flow will increase substantially. Major search engines have added the social element to their search results, because blogging is becoming a major influence on the way we see the web. But if you really want to increase the effectiveness of your blog marketing campaign and want to make it part of your online marketing efforts, you are going to have to implement tactics that will reinforce your social validation.

What Is Social Validation?

Social validation is getting people to respond to your blog in a positive way. This goes beyond getting your visitors to read your blog and enjoy it. The targeted results for social validation are getting your visitors to read your blog and then having them either re-post your blog page’s URL in their social media page or include a link in their site to your page. It could also mean getting them to comment on your blog or interact with other visitors on your blog by creating a communication thread. When search engine spiders see this, they will consider the information that you are posting as credible and your blog will become validated. The overall result is that your natural search rankings could benefit from this type of interaction.

How to Start

The best way to get your visitors to really respond to your blog posts is to make sure that they include engaging content that is not only informative, but interesting as well. Strike up excitement about your company with carefully created content that will get your visitors talking about the quality of your products or services. Encourage the people who are reading your blog to ask you questions about your blog posts and create a line of communication with them that will give you the chance to elaborate on the points that you have made in your previous content. If you really “wow” them with what you have to say, having them post links to your blog post from their social network profiles should be easy.

Taking advantage of the benefits that social validation can offer your blog is a great way to draw more visitors into your site because it will aid your website’s search engine optimization efforts and improve its natural search rankings. This will potentially increase your chances of having these visitors convert into customers.

Prager can help you get your blog content socially validated so that you can see increased traffic patterns to your website. Our social media consulting can help your natural search rankings. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today.

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