Social Publishing Can Bring Your Site Pre-qualified Traffic

secretAs our Internet marketing firm knows, the benefits of social media websites for online marketing campaigns can be countless. The basic fundamentals of these websites have made them popular and can be manipulated to assist a business to become successful with their online marketing campaign. The foundation of some of the most popular social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, are constructed with a framework that is based on two very specific qualities:

  1. These sites were designed so that users could share information quickly and amplify their preferences amongst their social networks.
  2. There is a trusting community that is established through these social media forums, because users know that the people who they are communicating with are consumers just like they are.

If you can capitalize on these concepts, you can greatly expand the amount of pre-qualified traffic that visits your website.

How It Works

It starts with social publishing. Let’s say that you have a core group of extremely local customers that are absolutely satisfied with your products or services. Considering that there are over 400 million Facebook users throughout the world, chances are that a good percentage of your customers will have accounts on social media forums. Encouraging your loyal customers to post a link to your website with a quick testimonial in the description that says something along the lines of “These guys are great” or “I have been purchasing their products for years” is a great way to get in contact with their entire social network.

New Businesses

If you are a newer business, this technique can still work. All you have to do is offer your new customers an incentive for posting your link on their social media site. This could be anything from discount pricing or even free products per each customer referral that successfully converts on your site. This can easily be recorded by keeping an accurate customer history record. Simply include a “Promotional Code” section where your new customers can type in the name of the person who referred them, or ask them who referred them to your company when they complete a purchase. Even though your business hasn’t yet established a loyal customer base, the fact that your customers are marketing your business through their social networks will still generate the same types of results. There will still be a “consumer trust” that is a byproduct of the sharing mentality of social media.

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