5 Upcoming Social Networks

Social media is huge and let’s face it – Facebook is getting a little old. Stay on the lookout for some of the newest social media platforms that we think will be getting some attention this year:

1. Medium

This platform was created by two co-founders of Twitter (Biz Stone and Evan Williams). Similar to Pinterest, it’s invitation-only and features a collage of various topics that changes every day. Most of the content is written by people with a passion for deeper conversations (instead of just cat photos and celebrity updates) and the more votes each article gets, the further up on the list it will appear.

2. Thumb

This smartphone app lets you call on your social connections when you need to make a decision – just post your question and wait for a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” from each of your friends or family. You can use it to decide on an outfit, where to have a party, what kind of food to make, and more. It’s available for both iOs and Android.

3. Pheed

This social network has been growing in popularity among people ages 14-25. For a monthly subscription price (anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99), this smartphone app lets you access photos, videos, audio files, content, and more from “pheeders,” which mainly include celebrities and musicians. Right now the app is only available for iOs.

4. Chirpify

If you have a Paypal account, Chirpify lets you sync it to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account to make purchases in-stream. When you shop for items, all you have to do is type “buy” and Chirpify will process the payment – you won’t have to “proceed to check-out” or fill out your billing information. You can also use Chirpify to fund raise, or help your friend pay for something he really wants.

5. Highlight

Created by Paul Davidson, this smartphone app aims to connect you with new people. After you sign in through Facebook, the app will run in the background and scan the people near you (meaning about a block and a half or closer). If it finds another Highlight user with the same interests as you, or if one of your friends is nearby, you’ll be notified. There are privacy settings available so you can only share your information with the people you choose.

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