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Social MediaSocial media consulting can improve how your business connects with its current customers and how it attracts new ones. Businesses use social media marketing to increase their exposure and reach new potential sales leads, but a lot of businesses are reluctant about marketing themselves on social media sites because they are unaware of ways to measure the success of their social media marketing campaigns.

Other businesses currently use social media sites to advertise, but aren’t investing enough of their marketing dollars to make these campaigns successful – they don’t realize how effective their social marketing tactics can be. To help businesses in these types of situations, there are programs (described below) that can help you measure the success rate of your social media marketing efforts.


Twitter is a very common way to connect with potential customers and keep them informed about up-to-the-minute developments and promotions that your business is currently running. But after you post a tweet, how do you know that it is making its way through your followers’ social networks? There is a high-level Twitter tracking program called Klout that can keep track of the amount of times that your tweet is re-tweeted, or clicked (if you include a link). Klout takes that information and compares it to the amount of followers you have and will generate for you a Klout score that will help you measure how effective your tweets are.


If your business uses blogs to communicate with loyal customers and potential prospects, setting up a monitoring program that can track your blog readers’ behavior is available to show you which of your blogs are getting the most attention. A program called PostRank can sync-up useful tracking information with your Google Analytics account to provide you with detailed reports about how your viewers are interacting with your blogs. It takes under account your comments, tweets that are linked to your posts, “Shares” and “Likes,” and calculates a score that will rank your blog posts. It’s a great way to see how your readers are responding to the content that you are posting on your blog.

ViralHeat, Sysomos, and More

Watching how many times your business is referenced on social media forums is very important, but sometimes, you also want to make sure that when users are mentioning your business to members of their social network, that they are speaking highly of you. Programs like ViralHeat, Sysomos, Social Mention and Radian6 will allow you to see how many references social users made regarding your business in a set period of time and they can tell you whether or not each time you were mentioned was a positive statement or a negative statement. This could also help you with reputation management efforts.

To really up the ante for your blog or social media site, you are going to want to include inbound links. Links are what is going to compliment your search engine optimization efforts, because search engine spiders will index your links and rank your blog because they will see the information that you are presenting to your visitors as credible. But inbound links are also a way to monitor how successful your social media campaign is as well. You can monitor the amount of inbound links you have with programs that are designed to track down who is linking to your site. If your visitors are linking their pages to your site that means they are impressed enough with the information you are presenting to them, that they decided to share it with the members of their social network. This can be extremely beneficial for your business because it could attract new potential sales leads.

Implementing tracking programs can help you see how well each portion of your social media campaign is doing. Your tracking information could be what you need to fine tune your social media consulting efforts to get them to be as effective as possible.

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