Small Business Missing the Mark on Facebook

TargetUsing Facebook can be a great way to attract new business or generate exposure for your branding efforts. It also can be a way for small businesses to promote themselves for free so they can attract local sales leads. With Facebook, businesses get the chance to create a social network composed of previous loyal customers and potential prospects. It’s become one of the most preferred ways for businesses to market themselves through social media, yet a lot of them aren’t using their account to its fullest potential.

When Does Facebook Not Work?

According to a study conducted by Roost, an online research company, only 15% of the users who are fans of the average small business page are actually geographically close to the business’ location. This means that businesses with distribution dependent on geographical boundaries are marketing themselves to clientele whom they have no chance of completing a sale with. This is why a lot of small businesses aren’t receiving the benefits they expect from their Facebook or social media advertising campaign.

In order to promote your Facebook page on a local market and expand your social network so that it attracts local customers, you have to focus on building a social network out of your existing customers. It could also help to include a blurb that says “Check Us Out on Facebook” in your local specific marketing tactics, like your newspaper, radio or television ads. This way, you can be confident that the potential prospects you are reaching will be able to get to one of your physical locations and purchase your products or services.

For small businesses who see advertising through Facebook as a hassle (especially since a lot of businesses are marketing to prospects that are out of their range), consider this: Facebook is a free marketing tactic that can keep you in constant contact with your potential sales leads. That means every time the members of your social network are logging on to their Facebook account, they could be reminded of your business. Other types of FREE marketing avenues can’t match this exposure. You get a chance to reach out to promote your business to your prospects personally.

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