Small Business Capitalizing on Facebook

Facebook LogoSmall businesses are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness. Technology has been majorly responsible for giving small businesses a chance to level the playing field with their more established counterparts. Small businesses have the ability to move on the fly quicker than larger businesses, which gives them the opportunity to adapt newer forms of technology into their marketing campaigns at an accelerated rate because while larger businesses are testing the effectiveness of new marketing tactics to see if they would be worth the investment, small businesses are simply implementing them and waiting to receive results.

An Increase in Facebook Pages

This point is made prevalent in small businesses’ adaptation of Facebook to their traditional marketing tactics. According to a survey conducted by AT&T, 41% of small businesses currently have a Facebook page that they use for promotion. To put the quick-footedness of small businesses into perspective, in March of 2010, only 27% of small businesses used Facebook to advertise themselves. It only took one year for the numbers to nearly double.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is an attractive alternative to having an actual website because it allows you to connect to a large amount of potential prospects, making it easy to communicate with them – and it’s free. 41% seems to be the magic number for small businesses and social media, because 41% of small businesses have reported significant success from their social media marketing campaigns as well. It has allowed small businesses who might not be able to afford an actual website a chance to represent themselves on the web.

Small business owners have really taken a shine to Facebook because it gives them the opportunity to expand their customer base and communicate with potential prospects, regardless of what time of day it is, where their geographic location is or whether or not their sales team is too busy. It’s a useful resource that compliments the great equalizer between small and big businesses: the web.

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