Quitting Smoking is Hard but Quitting Social Media is Harder

social mediaIf you’ve ever had an addiction to cigarettes or alcohol, you probably understand how hard it is to quit using them.  But according to a recent study done by The Medical Daily Company, trying to quit using social media, like Facebook or Twitter, is harder.

Over 200 participants aged 18-85 were involved in this University of Chicago study.  Each was given a Blackberry phone and was messaged by researchers seven times a day over the course of a week.  The researchers asked each participant if they were experiencing (or had experienced in the past 30 minutes) a desire to use social media.  They also asked details like the strength of their desire and if they resisted.

By the end of the week, there were 10,558 responses and 7,827 “desires” reported.  What’s more is people were better at resisting sports, sexual urges, and spending impulses than they were at resisting social media use, which came as a surprise to me, seeing as our society is bombarded with sports channels, sexuality, and all-too-simple ways to buy things.

What does this mean? 

Does this say good things about our society, like – we like to stay in touch and like to know what’s going on in the world?  Or bad things like – we’re addicted to technology and the postal service is slowly collapsing upon itself?

In my opinion, it’s a mixture of the two – yes, we’re addicted to technology, but it can be a good thing.  Without abusing it, Facebook gives us a great way to locate and connect with friends and family and Twitter can help keep us up-to-date on our interests and current events (as long as we don’t fry our brains staring at our news feeds all day).  Plus, with so much social media in the world, businesses have begun using it as a way to stay in touch with their customers.  It can be used to gain a customer following, inform customers about recent products or events, build a good reputation, or simply to establish your company’s interests.

Using social media can show people that you can “get with the times.” If your business is interested in jumping on the bandwagon, give us a call today. Our digital marketing specialists can help.

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