Using Pinterest for Business

If you ever had any hesitation about using Pinterest as a business, this may change your thinking: The social media website recently launched a campaign that encourages businesses to create their own “business” page and take advantage of its business features and tools.

Before business pages, Pinterest users that were using the website to promote their company had to accept an agreement saying they wouldn’t use it for marketing purposes. Now, however, Pinterest is encouraging them to do just that.

When you create a Pinterest business account, you’ll be able to choose what type of business you are (Professional, Non-Profit, Local, etc.) and you’ll sign a separate agreement allowing you to use Pinterest for commercial purposes. After that, Pinterest will prompt you to verify your website and start pinning by bookmarking the “Pin It” button. It will also give you widgets and buttons that you can embed on your website.

Pinterest is a great way for a business to gain visibility on the web. By pinning things, having other users re-pin them, and commenting on others’ pins, you can build a stronger presence and improve your communication with both current customers and potential customers.

If you’re still unsure about using Pinterest, view the case studies that Pinterest has put together of how other successful businesses, such as Etsy, AllRecipes, and Jetsetter, have used it.

If you’re looking for a way to build you business, contact us today. Our social media consulting can help you build connections and promote your brand.

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