Payvment: Making Social Media Sales Profitable

Payvement-LogoUsing social media consulting to advertise on a social media site is one way to take advantage of the opportunity for free exposure, but a lot of businesses that sell products online have been raising the bar with their social media marketing campaigns by creating an actual E-commerce site on Facebook. With the help of a program called Payvment, businesses are now able to convert their social media site on Facebook to an online storefront.

How It Works

Payvment allows you to list products according to variables like price and size, include pictures of the products you feature and lets customers purchase your products straight from their Facebook account. Users will be able to complete purchases using a credit card or PayPal account without having to leave the Facebook site. It is very appealing to businesses, because it is absolutely free and is expected to stay that way. This technology will also present users with the ability to shop at a variety of retailer’s sites while only needing one check out process.

Using Promotions

Businesses who are trying to increase the success of their social media marketing campaign will have the ability to offer customers who complete purchases through Payvment on Facebook a promotional price. All you have to do is set up the discounted price for your products and Payvment will complete the sales. This is good incentive to get your social media marketing campaign started. Each time one of your customers completes a purchase through their Facebook site, it will notify other users in their social network. This will give your business the ability to not only reach already satisfied customers, but it will also give it the ability to reach new customers who haven’t heard of you.

As more businesses implement this tool into their online marketing campaigns, it is expected to reinvent online social media marketing. Payvment will increase the accessibility businesses will have by allowing them to connect with over 400 million users worldwide. Harnessing the ever growing power of social media sites could have substantial benefits for the sales of your business.

Client Spotlight

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