Optimizing Your Site For Social Search

SocialWith Google including social search in its list of services, they will undoubtedly change the way that we search. But will it change the way that websites optimize for keywords?

Adding links according to a user’s social network will alter how users see the search results for certain keywords. This means that the probability of two users seeing the same search results is extremely low. Granted, Google’s social search will more than likely be separated from its traditional search results, but as this feature begins to gain popularity, it is imperative that websites begin to acknowledge its presence and plan accordingly.

Social Search and SEO

Many professionals in the industry believe that Google’s social search will have a dramatic impact on search engine optimization. To think that it might change how Google formulates its algorithms and will slightly change search engine optimization practices is one thing, but to think that social search will eliminate SEO all together is a completely false assumption. The truth is, as search engine optimization firms begin to recognize the integration of the social search function and its adaptation into traditional search results, high-level strategies will be crafted to stay ahead of the curve for traditional search results and social search results. The most cutting-edge firms in the country are devising plans of attack that would result in manipulating search results to improve client rankings.

Effective SEO Elements

All of the tactics that SEO firms will adapt to their operations will be in addition to their already effective techniques. Link building, content creation, tags and other standard search engine optimization procedures will certainly still harbor results, but new strategies that involve advertising and linking to social media, manipulating tags and descriptions to increase click through rates and carefully selecting keywords to optimize for will become a more important aspect of the optimization process.

If rankings still exist, there will be a way to alter your site to improve them. Search engine optimization has nothing to worry about. Creating content and improving the way a site is internally designed, along with other search engine optimization techniques will be evolving to make Google’s number one position for keywords obtainable for those who want it the most.

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