Making Your Tweets Suggestive

TwitterWhen you’re using social media consulting to promote your business, you need to do everything you can to make sure you’re engaging your social network. This way, your business will stand out, attract the attention it deserves, and draw in the sales leads that will make it more profitable. Every element of your social media campaign needs to be specially crafted to be as effective as possible. Each action you take to promote your business through social media needs to be strategically sound so that it creates the optimum amount of exposure. This means being selective for each word that you use. You need to carefully choose the bait you use to hook your potential sales leads. Wrong bait = lost sale.

This starts with your Twitter campaign. A lot of advertisers think that 140 characters is too limited of a space to make a connection with a sales prospect. That’s why they don’t take the time to really sculpt out their message when they use Twitter. They will just slap together a business motto or short listing. This might have a minimal impact with consumers who are familiar with your brand, but if your audience doesn’t know about your business, your tweet could be the last communication you have with certain sales leads.

The most effective tweets use action words to engage their audience, but just any verb won’t do. It needs to be something that really plays on the reader’s curiosity. Your goal in selecting an action word is to find something that will trigger the members of your social network to become active. This means something that will entice them to either re-tweet your post, click a link that you have included, or talk about what you have posted to the members of their own social network. In order to achieve this goal, you are going to have to be creative. You are also going to have to use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your action words. If you want to be able to use analytics in your tweets READ MORE.

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