Making Your Tweets Suggestive: Part 2

TwitterIf you have arrived on this article by way of the link that was included in the first part of the “Making Your Tweets Suggestive” series, you have just proven that action words work. If you haven’t, please CLICK HERE and take notice of the last section of the first part of this article.

Action words like “Click Here”, “Read More” or “Learn More” direct your users to respond to what you have posted. This is the first step in engaging the members of your social network. Once you learn how to get them to respond to the information that you’re posting, the potential of your marketing campaign from social media consulting will increase significantly. To gain this type of leverage, all you have to do is implement a trial-and-error approach to your tweets and include something that will allow you to track the success rate of the action words you are using. This can be a lot simpler than it sounds.

Twitter Analytics

If you’re using links in your tweets to try to attract users to your site, it’s more than likely that you are also using a URL shrinker like or If you currently use to shrink your URLs, a lot of people don’t realize that it can provide you with analytics information too. If you enter in the top search bar of the site with a plus sign (+) in front of it, it will tell you the amount of click-throughs your link has accumulated. This information is very valuable if you are going to test the effectiveness of your action words and the effectiveness of your message in general.

Testing is easy and follows the basic A/B testing format. Tweet the same message at 2 different times (make sure that you tweet them on the same day, at the same time of day or else other variables will influence your experiment). In the message, use two different action words that you think will engage your customers. Also include a link that has been shortened by After you have given each tweet adequate time to gain exposure, check to see how many click-throughs each link received. Finding the strongest action words will be as easy as picking the link that is giving you the most amount of user conversions. Identify them, implement them into your tweets and engage your users. It’s the best way to make sure that your social media marketing campaign is as powerful as possible.

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