3 Tips for Making Your Social Media Accounts Profitable

Social MediaIt can be difficult for businesses to convert the fans and followers of their social media accounts into actual customers. Being able to track accurately how many customers you accumulate from your social media sites can be a complex task. This makes measuring its success even more complicated. A lot of business owners get discouraged when trying to design a social media campaign that can be fully accountable for a certain percentage of sales, here are a few tips that can help focus your campaign so that it meets your expectations:

1. Understand that your followers are genuinely interested in your business.

If you want your social media marketing campaign to be very successful, you need to take full advantage of that. Keep them informed about everything that is going on with your business. The more they learn about your developments and products or service offerings, the more inclined they will be to commit to your company.

2. Use your E-Commerce site to gauge whether or not your social media campaign is working.

Use your social media account to communicate with your followers and fans. Give them a special promotional code to use on your E-commerce site when they are purchasing your products or services that makes them eligible for special offers like discount pricing, free shipping or anything else that you might think would induce sales. When you are going through the monthly sales records for your E-commerce site, check to see how many of your customers used your social media promotional code while completing their transactions. If you don’t have an E-commerce site, give them a promotional code to tell your customer service representatives when they contact you and make sure to carefully record them, so that you can get a better grasp on how effective your social media campaign is.

3. When you design your social media pages, include a link to your actual website.

If you implement the link properly, it can be tracked, so that you can monitor how many visitors on your site are coming from your social media pages. This will give you a better idea of how many visitors your social media campaign is attracting and you will be able to compare your number of visitors to the amount of sales that were completed on your site, to make sure that there is an increase on both sides.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, if utilized properly. Just because this type of advertising is still in a primitive state, doesn’t mean that it can’t yield a surplus of results for your business. The most attractive characteristic about this type of advertising is that they are usually free. Imagine being able turn something that is free into one of the most useful tactics in your marketing arsenal.

If you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your social media campaign to make it more profitable, contact the social media consulting specialists at Prager. We can design a custom social media campaign that will deliver results for your website.

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