Live Video Getting More Popular, Thanks to Social Media

live video

It wasn’t too long ago that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram launched video sharing services, and the feature became wildly popular. Now, several platforms are introducing live video and are hoping for the same level of success.

Twitter began the trend when it purchased Periscope, a live stream video app, last year. Soon after, Facebook created its own streaming service in its mobile app and moved live videos higher in its Newsfeed. Snapchat, while already known for its photos and videos, rolled out an update that included a live video feature several months ago. And while Instagram has yet to hop on the live video wagon, it recently lengthened its video feature and users are now able to post 60-second videos instead of the original 15-second ones.

While live video is great because you don’t have to go back through and edit the footage, it can also be challenging because you have to think on your feet – especially if you’re a business. However, there’s a good chance it could come in very helpful for customer connections.

Business Benefit

Live video streaming gives users the ability to share what’s going on at that exact moment with their followers and while this can be fun for everyday users, it can be even more beneficial for businesses. Being able to share live videos can help you connect with customers in real time.

For example, if you’re holding an event, you can stream it live so that those who couldn’t make it can experience it as well. You can also use live video to host interviews or give your audience a sneak peak at a behind-the-scenes product. Your customers will feel more connected to your business, which can boost your relationship.

While it’s still early to tell if live video can significantly boost business, it’s not a bad idea to add it to your marketing campaign. In fact, eMarketer forecasts that by 2019, digital video ad spending in the United States will hit $15.15 billion, which is double their 2015 estimates.

What do you think of this new trend? Is it one that’s here to stay, or just a fad?

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