Increase Your Twitter Followers by Donating

TwitterAssembling a Twitter following can be a very difficult task if you don’t carefully design tactics that will attract users. Without a following, our Internet marketing firm knows your Twitter marketing campaign will be a failure because nobody will be getting your message. Even if you tweet 12 times a day, without a substantial amount of followers, you are wasting your time and marketing energy. Sometimes, having an established business and a loyal customer base isn’t enough to get you the results that you would expect from your social media marketing campaign. You need to go the extra mile to make sure that your business is getting the attention from social media users that it deserves.


Using incentives to get Twitter users to follow your business is a very effective way to accumulate a sturdy social network. A tactic that is becoming more and more popular with businesses interested in advertising through Twitter is offering users a chance to not only learn more about certain companies, but also make a difference in the world. It helps businesses connect with users but it could also stimulate the movement of marketing that can benefit a cause.

The concept is simple: all you have to do as a business is pledge to donate resources to a specific charity if your Twitter account reaches a certain number of users. The resources you donate could be money, time performing community service or even products that you offer that could benefit the charity of your choice. Anything that will help your charity serve their cause will help your business improve its social network.

For example:

Your business currently has only 100 followers for your Twitter account. Make it public that if your Twitter account reaches 1,000 followers during a set period of time, your company will donate $1,000 to a specific charity. That could be a charity that is directly related to your industry or it could just be a renowned charity that a lot of people have heard of. The more popular the charity or their cause is, the easier it will be to obtain followers. To promote your effort, use press releases, your other marketing tactics and your existing customer base to spread the word.

The end result to this type of campaign both benefits your business by helping you create a social network that you can advertise to and the charity that your company picked to receive your generosity. It will also help with your reputation management efforts (which our Internet marketing firm knows a lot about) because the people in your social network will view your business as personable, compassionate and eager to help the community.

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